"To relieve hunger

is a divine service "

Be part of this sacred bond, nourish lives, empower communities.

"There will be a day in our lifetime when we get to CELEBRATE every

person on the planet having access to food. We want to

celebrate that day with you. "

Transforming Lives -
An Enduring Commitment

Within a short span, Govardhan Annakshetra has become a pan-India movement. What started off as an initiative to ‘feed the poor’ with wholesome and nutritious meals, quickly grew to include bigger commitments – our team of ‘anna sarathis’ are transforming the lives of the needy by inspiring them to connect with several ongoing social impact programs through distribution of meals there. In this way, Govardhan Annakshetra is not only eradicating hunger but empowering people gain a sustainable and dignified livelihood.


our vision

Care deeply for communities; foster and empower them by ensuring their food security, their spiritual enlightenment, and their economic independence through viable livelihood avenues.

our mission

Serve 1.5 million meals by the end of 2023, covering 150+ rural communities in Palghar district and 5+ slum communities in Mumbai

our values

Champion the cause of giving and empowering through the principles of selfless compassion, care and empathy; equality and collaboration; and concern for the environment


What makes Us
Different ?

Service with a spiritual touch

We combine social with the sacred to eradicate hunger and malnutrition; we associate with the nourishment of the body, the mind and the soul

Ethical sourcing of ingredients

We choose ingredients ethically demonstrating honesty, openness and responsibility

Empowerment of communities

We are dedicated to supporting and transforming societies by empowering them with livelihood skills and opportunities

Massive network of volunteers

We draw on the resourcefulness and ingenuity of our volunteers to drive sustainable community programs at the grassroots level

Ongoing programs

Skill Development For Tribal Youths

Skill Development For Tribal Youths

Currently impacting thousands of tribal youths, many of them 10th grade drop-outs, by training them in essential skills of white collar and blue collar

Women Literacy Programs

Women Literacy Programs

Empowering 2500 tribal women at grassroots by providing functional, digital and financial literacy thus enabling them with entitlement and self-employment.

Helping The Helpless

Helping The Helpless

Annakshetra makes free distribution of groceries in the villages of Bandhan and Nane in the Wada taluka of Maharashtra (India) in eco-friendly packaging, mitigating food worries of helpless widows, single women and the elderly

Farmer Empowerment Programs

Farmer Empowerment Programs

Impacted lives of 1300+ tribal farmers below poverty line through a systems based approach of handholding and training to farmers with access to crops inputs, seeds

Free Meals Distribution in Slums

Free Meals Distribution in Slums

An initiative to ensure no one goes hungry in the slum areas of Mumbai, nutritious meals are prepared in our mega kitchens and transported to temples near the slums, pr

Value Education And Preventive De-Addiction

Value Education And Preventive De-Addiction

Working and educating through festivals, music performances and seminars in over 100+ villages in all the eight talukas of Palghar district in Maharashtra (India) with over

Our statistics

0 Million

meals served served till date (3000 nutritious meals served everyday)


beneficiaries, direct and indirect, through our many projects

0 +

tribal communities benefitted

Your joining hands with Govardhan Annakshetra

has made a big difference !

A Brighter Future for the People of Palgar

Witness the story of the people of Palgar, a community we have been assisting prior to, during and post Covid-19. Struck by poverty, malnutrition and starvation, worsened by the devastating impacts of the pandemic, your donations helped us provide over 2.1 million meals since 2018 alleviating the plight of its people, especially of its women and children.

Welcome to ISKCON’s Mega Kitchens!

ISKCON’s mega kitchens, the giant machines running flawlessly to provide hundreds of meals every day, was highlighted in a 42-minute feature by none other than National Geographic. Going deep into the assembly-line production system we implement in our kitchens, to the scope of their everyday running and managing, this video is an inside glimpse into the massive efforts that our volunteers put in every single day.

"Why food? One who gives food, gives all

that is worth in the world."

- Varaha Purana

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Success stories that inspire us everyday

COVID-19 Relief Program in Palghar

Govardhan Annakshetra served 5,01,319 free meals and distributed more than 110,000 food packets from April 2021 to December 2021 in various talukas (districts) of Palghar including Vada, Jawhar, Vikramgarh, Dahanu and Mokhada to help people combat the immediate and after-effects of the Delta and Omicron Covid waves. In addition, we trained several NGOs in effective dispatch of relief materials.

Relief Program in Cyclone-affected East India

Already grappling with the Delta wave of Covid-19 in May 2021, India’s east coast was further badgered by super cyclone Yaas between 23rd May, 2021 to 28th May, 2021. There was mass scale damage to property, livelihood and crops. Govardhan Annaksherta spearheaded a relief programme distributing 30,440 free meals across the affected areas including Pakur, Remuna, Puri, Gangasagar, Kanainatashala, Haridaspur, Shankari, Ekachakra, Gangtok and Gaya.